2000 Mercedes Benz S430



August, 1, 2009 AT 10:05 PM

2000 Mercedes Benz S430 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 176000 miles

The sunroof is stuck in the open position.

When we try to close the roof it goes partially closed then returns to the open positon.

The operator's manual says to re-sync the sunroof, press sunroof switch to raise the rear then hold open an extra second. With the roof stuck open, you cannot raise the rear.

The manual also refers to a manual crank to close that I cannot seem to locate in the car. It is not in the tools on the soare tire area.

Any suggestions on how to close the sunrrof or where I might find the crank?

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August, 3, 2009 AT 8:42 PM

I have forwarded your question to our M/B tech. He will be with you shortly, thank you for your patience



August, 4, 2009 AT 1:45 PM

You can access the manual closing for the sunroof by removing the overhead control panel (control panel where your front reading lamps are located.) With a plastic wedge pop off the covers for the reading lamps. You will see two metal clips holding the control unit on behind the lamp lens. Press thes clips in and the control panle will drop. You will see the sunroof motor behind this control panel. On the motor you will see an allen head screw in the center of the motor wheel. Use an allen head screw driver to turn this screw and the sunroof will close.



April, 1, 2014 AT 3:29 PM

Thats a great answer but what is wrong with the sunroof that it wont close? My sunroof is also stuck open. I know whow to close it manually but I want to know what makes it not want to close?

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