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1984 Other Mercedes Benz Models 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 242 k miles

I just drove this 1984 Mercedes 300D turbo diesel, 5 cylinder cross country towing at or slightly over the gvwr of the vehicle. 3 of my tires were badly stripped because of the car needing a wheel alignment. I took it to a garage here in town and they told me and also showed me how far gone my rear shocks were. My question is, would a bad set of worn shocks especially in the rear on a rear drive vehicle effect the alignment. I was also told the centerlink had a little bit of play and that the lower control bushings needed to be replaced.
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Saturday, October 11th, 2008 AT 12:10 PM

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First of all, if the Germans ever knew what you did ("slightly over the gvwr of the vehicle") to their Mercedes Benz they would take you out before the firing squad, I personally know they are built like a tank, but you can overdo it and it sounds like you overdid it!
At any rate to answer your question:
the car may need an alignment I am not sure, you did not send me a picture of the tires before your hall, but like a Ford with the I beam suspension, if you put too much weight on the rear tires the front tires will want to buckle under, and I don't think the shocks were the problem, because the rear suspension of the Mercedes was probably bottomed out on the stops of the lower control arm, which has nothing to do with the shocks, and the alignment of the Mercedes can only be done by a trained professional, like a BMW most alignment shops do not have the special tools or the specifications they need to properly align German cars, what it sounds like to me is you walked in to the "Price is right" and they were trying to make you a contestant, next time you go to an alignment shop to have your Mercedes checked out, make sure you ask the right question, "do you do alignments on German cars? And are your technicians German certified? And do you have special tools to make all of the adjustments along with the specifications?"
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Saturday, February 21st, 2009 AT 8:23 PM

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