1995 Mercedes Benz 500sl



March, 22, 2010 AT 7:44 AM

Interior problem
1995 Mercedes Benz 500sl V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 68000 miles

I removed my hard-top this weekend. The soft-top will not raise. When I push the " button" forward it flashes but there is no other sound or movement. If I pull the " button" back I hear a motor sound for about 15 seconds. I can repeat this sound as often as I try. How do I reset the process?

In cleaning the windshield I lifted the wiper arm and it locked at about a 30 degree angle. When I finished it would not go back against the glass. Help!

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Dave H

March, 23, 2010 AT 3:11 PM

Hello. Thanks for the donation. Much appreciated

Roadster top
The standard equipment for model 129 includes a hydraulically actuated roadster top and a coupe roof. The switch for opening and closing the top is located on the center console. The top can be opened within approx. 30 seconds and stored in the top compartment by pressing the switch toward the rear and holding in this position or removed from the top compartment and closed by pressing the switch toward the front and holding in this position (when closing it may be necessary to " help" slightly by manually guiding the front top frame into the initial catch on the front top locks). For this purpose roll down side windows and put down roll bar and return to initial position afterward. The top moves only as long as the switch is actuated. The motion can be interrupted at any desired point and then continued or reversed. During an interruption the top is locked hydraulically so that it cannot fall down. The lock is released when the ignition is switched off and the top can be moved freely. Five opening/closing operations are possible immediately one after another. More than five operations are not possible due to the thermic load on the pump and solenoid valves. Monitoring is accomplished by counting the switch-on time for the pump and solenoid valves.

Prerequisites for actuating top
ignition switched on
vehicle standing still
battery voltage > 10 V
roll bar control unit must release top actuation
no malfunctions prohibiting top actuation stored in malfunction memory
limit switch signals from control unit recognized as logical
the maximum operating time must not be exceeded
removal of the coupe roof is possible only when the time after switching on the ignition is < 10 seconds

Is the wiper arm stuck @ 30 degrees or just not touching the screen?



March, 24, 2010 AT 7:32 AM

I know how to operate my soft-top. What you have provided is the information from the owner's manual. I need to understand why the top will not go up. The switch just blinks.

The wiper will not lay down against the glass and I don't want to force it if there is a release of some type.


Dave H

March, 29, 2010 AT 6:45 PM

I cannot find any information regarding the diagnostic procedure for the roof. It states there is a procedure to diagnose the fault with the number of flashes the switch makes. A dealer may be your best option on this fault. The manual also states to slightly bend the wiper arm if it does not touch the swindshield !

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