1995 Mercedes Benz 420sl Question about operations

  • 1995 MERCEDES BENZ 420SL
  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 14,100 MILES
We have just purchased a used 1995 S420 MB, and wondered what the apparent two retracted antennas are for on the back corners of each rear 'fin', just adjacent to the trunk. There is also an apparent retractable radio antenna on the left rear fender, set at about a 45 degree angle. There is a phone included in the car, but we have not connected service to it as of yet.
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Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 AT 6:45 PM

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Hello -

Congratulations on your new purchase. I will do the best I can but some of the info is not released to our manuals. If not, you should be able to go to the parts department and provide your VIN number and they pull up what the items are.

For now, this is what I show. I have provided you extra I know but now sure you your model, i.e., 129, 140 202 etc. Plus as I said with your VIN you car may have other specific things for that VIN.


According to the pic......the top antenna is the Telephone /GPS roof antenna.

The one on the fender is the backup antenna TELE AID.


In this pic it is a radio and also the telephone antenna


Radio antenna


GPS antenna




AM amplifier antenna


FM bumper antenna amplifier

Just some general info

TELE AID is an emergency call system in which a telephone link to an emergency call center is established automatically after the system is activated.
Improper activation of an emergency call is prohibited and may be the subject of a fine.
If the system is activated inadvertently, always wait for the call from the emergency call center and advise the center that the system is activated inadvertently to ensure that no further rescue measures are initiated.
The system is activated automatically if an airbag has been deployed or if a vehicle rollover has been detected.
The system is activated manually with the TELE AID emergency call system push-button switch (S93/3) in the overhead control panel.
When carrying out repair work on vehicles fitted with TELE AID, always ensure that the ignition key has been withdrawn from the ignition lock.
When carrying out work in the area of the overhead control panel, on wiring harnesses or in the area of the TELE AID for cellular telephone control modules, disconnect the battery.
The TELE AID control module is equipped with an integrated turnover sensor. This control module must never be turned out of its longitudinal or transverse axis when terminal 15R: ON.
The ignition key must always be withdrawn before carrying out towing or recovery operations on a vehicle fitted with the TELE AID system!

Does this help at all?
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Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 AT 10:03 PM

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