1991 Mercedes Benz 190e



March, 26, 2010 AT 12:10 PM

1991 Mercedes Benz 190e 6 cyl Automatic

My cassette was stuck in the cassette player and would not eject the cassett when I pushed eject. I pulled cassette out with plyers. But I somehow disconnected the stereo trying to get the cssette out and when I turn it on, antenna does not go up anymore.
IS there a manual that shows how to pull out the stereo system?


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May, 15, 2010 AT 4:50 PM

I have a 92. Should be very similar. It's a good idea to have the code for your stereo.
First disconnect the battery. Open the ashtray under the stereo and remove the tray itself. Beneath the tray are two screws, remove both of these screws, then rotate the whole assembly out. You will need to have the car in nuetral, just to get the shift knob out of the way. There are two more screws behind the assembly. Remove these and then rotate the whole center console up from the bottom. Reverse the process to reinstall. It's a good idea to have the code for your stereo.

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