1986 Mazda RX7



January, 27, 2008 AT 10:40 PM

Engine problem
1986 Mazda RX7 Manual 181000 miles

First off the engine is a 13b 1.3L rear wheel drive Guys I don't have a clue anymore ive been messing with my car all day and no changes. Starting yesterday my car was runing just fine was on my way a friends house and took the exit ramp when I went to change gears to turn my car just out of the blue changed started running violently rough.

I got it home and the car idles but barley and very roughly now and if you give it gas it will rev up but when the tach comes down it will either crash or go down to 500rpm and then the whole car vibrates bad and then it comes back to life and a rough idle. Or when the tach does come down to 1000k the car starts shaking like crazy and you have to turn it off.

I have close to no power in any gears. The car is getting fuel but no power and its a very hard start. I have changed the plugs out and checked the coils and FPR. I took it around the block and again close to no power.

When I went to turn at a stop sign no dash lights no blinker lights you can hear the flasher but no lights and if you open the door the flasher speeds up and on top of that instead of the blinker lights flashing its the door ajar light.

I looked for blown fuse's I can find none I looked under the hood and on the drivers side kick panel. Is my engine gone? I checked compersion like a week ago and it was fine what could cause this to happen.


Running Rough


Idles Rough/changed Ects


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January, 28, 2008 AT 9:33 AM

If it was all of a sudden check compression and EGR for sticking open, or another major vacuum leak.



January, 28, 2008 AT 7:45 PM

I think the ignition switch is bad car starts and runs but very rough still. Only lights that work are the head lights, no dash blinker or brake lights . In the warning light cluster the door ajar light comes on when I either mess with the turn signal or switch on the dash light or mess with the map light on the ceiling or pressing the brake pedal . It does not happen when messing with windshieild wiper switch

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