2000 Mazda 626 alternator /or alternator belts /squeeling /

  • 2000 MAZDA 626
  • 4 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 149,000 MILES
Over a year ago, my mazda started squeeling and then an alternator belt broke. I had it replaced. About a month later, the "other" alternator belt broke along with the same noise. And then the first one broke again. Along with the squeeling was a burning smell. The 2 belts take turns breaking. Each mechanic has told me they don't know what the problem is. Please tell me I just need a new alternator because the last 2 mechanics swear against it and I am worried I might blow my car up if I don't get this problem fixed. Something has to be causing them to break repetitively. It worried me too because I know that my belt(s) control other functions of my care as well. Do I really have 2 different "alternator" belts or is one considered for something else? Thanks, Marie
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Check the alignment of belt in relationship to all pulleys. Check tensioner. Check the condition of the pulleys. Also make sure the belt being replaced is the recommended size. Auto shops have belt measuring tools to check the size of the belt before installing into your vehicle. You may have had a belt installed that was too large in the first place. The squeaks are a sign of a loose belt, belt not recommended for your vehicle, or bearings going out in one of the belt driven components. The burning smell would be the bearings.

I believe that the alternator needs replacing or at the very least, rebuilt. As for two belts around the same pulley. Don't think so. There can only be one belt that drives the alternator. The Mazda 626's alternator is extremely hard to replace, which only leaves me to believe that the mechanics you spoke with KNEW that it needed replacing but did not want to fool with it because of the difficulty in doing so.

For the other belt that broke, listen for noises coming from any of the components that the belt drives. It may also have bad bearings and needs replaced.

Just wondering here. Did the same mechanic replace both belts? It sounds like they are not using the correct size belt, or they are just not installing it correctly.

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