1995 Mazda 626 Altenator or is it something else

  • 1995 MAZDA 626
Engine Performance problem
1995 Mazda 626 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual

My battery had power, I couldnt crank the engine but I could "pop" the clutch, my belt was squealing loudly, I got it running it sounded like the engine reving off and on so I let it sit thinking he battery needed recharging, left it fo 5 minutes or so came back and the car was off, a little power left but nothing when turned key waited an hour could "pop" the clutch again but couldnt keep it running stood outside for 2 hours for a mechanic that never showed so came here hoping for ideas, ive heard everything from loose belt, dead altinator, and bad fuel pump, any help or thoughts would be much welcome ty
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Monday, February 1st, 2010 AT 8:52 PM

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Get the battery charged-up to 12.6 volts-get a voltmeter and start the engine read the battery voltage if its reading the same voltage before you start it-The alternator is defective or wiring problem-Now if its reading 13.5-15.5 volts the alternator is doing its job.

Check alternator belt tension and others-Popping the clutch gets it started-could be starter, clutch switch and ignition switch
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Monday, February 1st, 2010 AT 9:21 PM

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