1997 Lincoln Town Car rear suspension


1997 Lincoln Town Car V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 122, 00 miles

my rear suspensionwill not raise up. The compressor is coming on. How can I tell if the control module behind the glove box is defective.

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Control module controls the air compressor motor, vent solenoid and air spring solenoids. Control module, located behind right side of instrument panel above glove box, continuously monitors rear suspension through a preprogrammed sequence. The system operates with the ignition switch in RUN position, with limited operation for one hour after ignition is turned off. Control module also controls the Electronic Variable Orifice (EVO) power steering.

Rear suspension does not respond to load changes.
Possible Source
Fault in wiring harness, compressor, height sensor or control module.
Perform auto test. See AUTO TEST under TESTING & DIAGNOSIS
Auto Test Procedure
Remove all extra loads from vehicle. Turn ignition switch off. Turn air suspension switch, located on right side of luggage compartment, OFF then ON. Remove right luggage compartment trim panel. Connect Super Star II tester to air suspension test connector. See Fig. 5 . Set Super Star II tester to EEC/MCU mode. Also set Super Star II tester to FAST mode. Release tester button to HOLD (up) position and turn on tester.
If battery is weak, connect battery charger to maintain battery level. Turn ignition on. Wait 2 seconds, then depress Super Star II tester button so it remains in TEST (down) position. Within 20 seconds, code 10 should be displayed. If Code 10 is displayed, go to next step. If Code 80 is displayed, go to TEST A . If no codes are displayed, go to TEST S .
Code 10 will be displayed for up to 2 minutes. DO NOT put any weight on vehicle while code 10 is displayed. When Auto Test is complete, Code 12 (test passed) or Code 13 (test failed) will be displayed. After Code 12 or 13 is displayed, open all doors and turn steering wheel 1/4 turn in both directions. On Town Car, cycle steering select switch.
On all models, release scan tester button to HOLD (up) position. Wait 2 seconds then push scan tester button to TEST position. Codes will be displayed within 20 seconds. If Code 11 is displayed, vehicle passes. Exit diagnostics by disconnecting scan tester and turning ignition switch off. If any other code is displayed, see DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE DIRECTORY table for correct test procedure to perform. DO NOT disconnect scan tester or turn ignition or air suspension switch off.




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