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February, 5, 2009 AT 5:00 PM

Electrical problem
1987 Lincoln Mark VII V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Thanks for all your help. Have a problem with a electrical sun roof. It would open and close like normal, but after driving with it closed it would start to open on its own. So you would have to keep closing it all the time to make sure it was closed. Because of it coming open all the time now it seems to be off of its track on one side. TY Dennis


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February, 5, 2009 AT 7:39 PM

You will need to remove the head liner to repair sunroof as for it still opening when you're not touching it you will need to test the switch you can do this after you remove it so you can remove the head liner you need to see if you are getting voltage through the switch in all positions here's how to remove head liner

The headliner must be removed from the car to repair it. Start by removing all of the trim pieces around the headliner. I started by removing the trim above the doors, and then the A-pillar moldings, which will give you access to remove the sun visor support board. Next, remove the light lenses in your roof console where you will find 2 Philips head screws next to the light shields. Remove them and pull the console straight out of the support board. Disconnect the plugs and put your console aside. Remove the 2 Philips head screws in the middle of the support board and let it drop down a few inches. You will need to disconnect the plug for the vanity mirror lights and put the support aside.

Remove 2 screws from each side of the sun visor support board.

Remove one screw in each light area.

Once console is removed, remove 2 Philips head screws.

The rear interior panels that surround the quarter windows do not need to be removed from the car to remove the headliner board, but you must remove some screws to allow access to the push-in retainer that helps keep the board in place.

Use a trim pad puller to remove these push-in retainers.

Remove all of the top Philips head screws securing the panel to the body of the car. To remove the coat hangers, pull straight up on the thin part of the hanger to expose the screw. Remove the seat belt loop with a T-50 Torx bit and the Philips head screw below it. Also remove the rear window trim piece and put aside.

One screw on each end of the rear window trim holds it in place.

Pull the coat hanger trim straight up to expose the Philips head screw.

T-50 Torx will loosen seat belt retainers

These push in retainers are behind the quarter window panels.

A trim pad puller should be used to remove the 2 push-in retainers that were under the sun visor support board and the 2 push-in retainers (one on each side) that were hidden by the rear interior panels.

For moon roof equipped cars, the U-shaped molding is removed by gently pulling it off the board. This molding basically clamps the board to the body of the car.

Pull the moon roof reveal molding off.

The board is now loose and must be handled as gingerly as possible. Recline the front seats all the way down and position the board so it can be pulled out through one of the doors. A helper is recommended here.

You will need to GENTLY bend the board so it will fit out of the door. Once removed



February, 6, 2009 AT 4:03 PM

Thanks for the information. Not sure if I am getting all the data you sent. Doesnt seem to end right some might be missing. Let me know if there is more to checking it out. Thanks Dennis



February, 6, 2009 AT 4:28 PM

No it's all there after you fix the plastic cable that moves the window and check the switch in the off position there shouldn't be any power going through you put back together in reverse



December, 30, 2010 AT 3:06 AM

Sorry to bring back on old topic but do you know how similar this is for a 1987 Continental 4 door? I need to re-do the headliner since it is sagging like crazy and falling apart.

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