1993 Lexus



January, 14, 2006 AT 10:57 PM

: roll: I have a couple probably minor questions about my 93 lexus es300.
1. The factory stereo just went out in my car. I noticed back when I bought it that the front of the stereo was always warm is this suppose to be? I am rewiring and installing a aftermarket cd player now and I am almost done. I do not have the dash kit it is in the mail. But tonight I noticed that with out the dash kit still there is alot of heat where the old stereo use to be the new cd player was warm to the touch after just a few mins. I put my hand in the space and the whole space is warm. I am assuming that this is normal because of the heating vents etc. I am right or should I be worried?

2. Tonight I also had a problem my car would not start just click click click. Got a jump start it started in sec. So took it in to test the battery and alt the guy said all looked good and that the battery probably discharged itself it was dirty and the terminal had cerosion on it so I cleaned them and a few hrs later same thing but no click click. Just nothing. Jumped it and it started within secs. So I went and bought a new battery and am going to wait til am to put it in if the car dont start in the morning. Do you think I am right in thinking it is just and old wore out battery?

I have a few more but this will do for now. I already figured out the wiring for the stereo. Lol
Thanks for you help! : D

oh I just thought of one.
when I am driving in the rain I notice this happening. I go through a puddle on the right front side and sometimes the steering gets hard! I have a new power steering belt, timing belt, thermostat, and water pump. Had to get all that done in july. But what would cause my steering to do that. The fluid is normal!


Changing Drive Belt


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January, 15, 2006 AT 3:48 PM

There could be a proplem with your starter motor



January, 15, 2006 AT 4:24 PM

Not sure what you mean by starter motor. For the car not starting?



December, 13, 2006 AT 8:46 PM

Now I am having issues with my 93 lexus es300. It surges, stalls on hills, it surges trying to take off. Going to change fuel filter this weekend hope that is it. Any other ideas beside the injectors would help. Thanks!

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