1993 Lexus



October, 20, 2007 AT 10:46 PM

Hi all,

I hope there is somebody out there that can help with me problem. I took my 1993 ES300 in to get it inspected today. They said it failed the emissions test. It Passed the HC at 19 PPM at 2500 rpms. The CO2 passed at 0.13. But when the car is idling it fails both HO and CO2. Idling at 700rpms the HC reading it 425 with a limit of 220. Idling at 700 rpms the CO2 reading is 2.09 with a limit of 1.20.

The reading all pass when the car is at 2500 rpms. So it has something to do with the sensing when the car id idling.
I do not get any reading with the trouble shooting computer. So there is no error code.

Any ideas guys?

I can not get the car inspected with out it passing so my son is walking until we can figure this out.

My email is fdorval1@aol. Com.




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October, 21, 2007 AT 8:50 AM

Ok change the oil and tune up the car. Oil is HC! Any oil burned in the cyls will raise hc and the dirtier the oil is the higher the readings. Then warm it up completely before the test. Don't shut it off while you wait in line, and if the car is burning oil, add a can of risolone ring repair first!

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