2002 Land Rover Discovery 2 Traction control & ABS are

  • V8
  • AWD
  • 80,000 MILES
First of all this issue is 7 years old. It all started back when the car reached 25,000 miles our brakes were worn down to the rotors and supposedly this is normal. I took my car to a local mechanic who is very knowledgeable who used a combination of brake pad material and rotors that would last longer. Shortly after the ABS and TC would beep and light up on the dash i.E, disabled.

I went to the dealer and they tested all the wheel sensors and said they were fine so problem was we do to not using factory parts and the sensors are very sanative so. The only way to fix this is to swap out the new brakes/ rotors and replace with factory pads and rotors. And if that does not work thy might need to replace some sort of ABS controller box.
I have a hard time believing this but I wanted some expert advice.

PS we went 52,000 miles before replacing to the next set of pads and rotors
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Your problem is nothing to do with your vehicles rotors, pads or sensors. The problem is the ABS modulator. The modulator has two shuttle valves situated on the bottom which connect to a switch inside the modulator itself. The switch within has a tendancy to go faulty which inturn tells the ECU there is a problem. The switch can not be replaced unless you replace the whole modulator, however the shuttle valves to can be bypassed so that they do not need the switches input to operate without fault.

The shuttle valves can be accessed via the bottom of the modulator. Unbolt the modulator and lossen the mounting brakets brake lines situated on the firewall. This will allow enough flex in the breake lines for you to access the shuttle valve without having to remove the brake lines from the modulator itself.

The shuttle valve his held inplace by the screws. Remove these and unplug it connector from the modulator. Once removed you should see to metal pin assemblies. A wire comes from each assembly and connects to the plug.

Cut the plug off and solder on two lenghts of wire. Drill a small hole through the plastic and thread the wires through.

Now disconnect the wire loom from the moduator. Open with wiring loom and located the Yb wire. This wire is green and yellow in apperance.

Now an act of faith cut the wire. Now solder a water proof plug too one of the wires coming from the shuttle valve and the other half of the plug to the Yb wire. With the other wire from the shuttle valve solder or crimp on a 'O' connector as this will be your earth. It does not matter which of the wires you choose from the shuttle vale.

Now connect the Yb and shuttle valve wires. Replace the shuttle valve back on the the modulator. Lower the modulator and affix it back into place. Re install the brake lines.

Start the vehicle and the three amigoes are gone. Take for a test drive and ensure you activate the ABS.

Note: If the shuttle valve is in poor condition it can be replaced. The alternate to this is buying a new modulator which costs thousands. I did the affore-mentioned to my 2003 Discovery and I have never had a prolem since.
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