1996 Land Rover Discovery ignition cylinder lock

Interior problem
1996 Land Rover Discovery V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic

i bought this discovery as is from my brother. Car was not running. Ignition lock switch had been taken apart in attempt to repair. I replaced cyllinder with junk yard part. Physicaly works ok but will not start car. Starter begins to engage then drops connection. Also fuel pump not pressurizing fuel rail. Have read about circuit board problems with immobilizer and removal and inspection is my next step. Is this my likely problem or does the bcm need reprogramming after ignition problem such as this. Thnx
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Friday, July 31st, 2009 AT 10:23 PM

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Check for damage to the passive coil near ignition switch?

After a certain time period, engine will be immobilized, even if anti-theft system is disarmed. Vehicle can only be mobilized using transmitter or door key (using emergency key access code). When theft alarm unit immobilizes vehicle, it sends a signal to Engine Control Module (ECM), which deactivates engine management system until a mobilize signal is received from theft alarm unit. Immobilization unit provides interface between ECM and immobilized features. Engine will be immobilized after the following conditions:
Vehicle is locked using transmitter.
Vehicle is locked using door key.
After 30 second period when ignition has been turned off and driver's door has been opened.
After 5 minute period when ignition has been turned off or alarm disarmed.
Engine can be mobilized by performing any of the following:
Placing transmitter near ignition switch when ignition is turned on.
Pressing unlock button on transmitter.
Pressing lock button on transmitter with ignition turned on.
Using door key to enter Emergency Key Access (EKA) code.
Passive coil, located near ignition switch, excites a receiving coil in transmitter which causes transmitter to send a remobilization signal to theft alarm unit. Under normal circumstances, Engine Immobilization Warning Light (EIWL) will not illuminate. If an attempt is made to start vehicle when transmitter is detached from key or is malfunctioning, EIWL will illuminate after a 2 second period.

Status of anti-theft system is indicated by hazard lights, theft alarm LED and horns. Hazard lights will flash up to 3 times when system is armed, and one time when system is disarmed. Theft alarm LED flashes to indicate the following conditions:
Slow Flash - Immobilized only, or immobilized and armed.
Rapid Flash - Volumetrically armed.
Intermittent Rapid Flash - Perimetrically armed.
No Flash for 10 Seconds - Mislock.
Continuously Lit - Immobilized and driver's door open or ignition turned on.
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