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September, 1, 2006 AT 10:17 PM

I have a 1996 Jeep Grnd Cherokee Lmtd v6 4x4 with 132000 miles. Recently I have started to experience problems with the vehicle stalling. I have taken it to, two different mechanics who have done diagnostic testing on the vehicle. Replacing crank shaft, pick up, and ignition sensors. Fuel pressure was checked because when the engine starts to fail the gas seems to be the main issue as if there is a lack of. But the pressure was fine. I was told that exhaust manifold need to be replaced so I did this as well. Fuel filter has been replaced and one mechanic went as far as replacing all spark plugs and changing out filters. Still the vehicle is stalling. Now there is an added plus to this story, sometimes the jeep will turn right back over, at other times it has hard starts, where engine will turn over but stall out seconds after or whine with no start at all. I am at my witts end, a new ideal or suggestion would be much appreciated. Thanks

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September, 2, 2006 AT 9:32 AM

Check the ignition coil to make sure your getting a good spark I feel bad for you but it seems a few things they are replacing are expensive and I would think they should have tried the cheaper things first. If your fuel is fine then your problem must be electrical so I would try replacing the distributor cap and rotor which are cheap then if that dosent help replace the coil which is inexpensive also. Im assuming the check engine light isnt coming on either and they havent pulled any codes from it. Let us know good luck : )



September, 3, 2006 AT 2:03 AM

If it's a misfire issue it should put up a check engine light.
Otherwise could be an idle air control valve, or just the injectors are a little clogged.


Service Writer

September, 4, 2006 AT 7:44 PM

The 4.0 motors are common to have intake valves get carboned up and allowing leaks. Find an independent garage to perform a professional fuel injection service or contact a castle chemical rep to buy rail power fuel injector cleaner and the equipment to use it; and run a couple of cans through it. After running it through, take it up to 4000 rpm in a lower gear for about 15 seconds to help break up the carbon.



September, 6, 2006 AT 2:20 PM

Thank all of you so much for your suggestions. The ignition coil has been replaced with no change in symptoms. I am going to try some of the ideas that have been made and hopefully one of them will work. Because I'm running out of cash. But don't want to give up my car. Again I thank all of you

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