1999 Jeep Cherokee



November, 15, 2008 AT 8:22 PM

Noises problem
1999 Jeep Cherokee 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 188845 miles

What are typical labor costs to install a refurbished exhaust manifold? This is my first time using--will donate if satisfied.

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November, 15, 2008 AT 8:40 PM

Your looking at about $500 but yiu can do it yourself and save that money for your self heres how

4.0L Engine

1999-01 Models

The engine intake and exhaust manifold must be removed and installed together. The manifolds use a common gasket at the cylinder head.
Disconnect the battery negative cable.
Remove air cleaner inlet hose from throttle body assembly.
Remove the air cleaner assembly.
Remove the throttle cable, vehicle speed control cable (if equipped) and the transmission line pressure cable.
Disconnect the following electrical connections and secure their harness out of the way:
Throttle Position Sensor
Idle Air Control Motor
Coolant Temperature Sensor (at thermostat housing)
Intake Air Temperature Sensor
Oxygen Sensor
Crank Position Sensor
Six Fuel Injector Connectors
Disconnect the map sensor, HVAC, and brake booster vacuum supply hoses at the intake manifold.
Perform the fuel pressure release procedure.
Disconnect and remove the fuel system supply line from the fuel rail assembly.
Loosen the accessory drive belt. Loosen the tensioner.
Remove the power steering pump and bracket from the intake manifold and set aside.
Raise the vehicle.
Disconnect the exhaust pipe from the engine exhaust manifold. Discard the seal.
Lower the vehicle.
Remove the intake manifold and engine exhaust manifold.
To install:

If the manifold is being replaced, ensure all the fitting, etc. are transferred to the replacement manifold.
Install a new engine exhaust/intake manifold gasket over the alignment dowels on the cylinder head.
Position the engine exhaust manifold to the cylinder head. Install fastener Number 3 and finger tighten at this time
Install intake manifold on the cylinder head dowels.
Install washer and fastener Numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 and 11.
Install washer and fastener Numbers 6 and 7.
Tighten the fasteners in sequence and to the specified torque.
The intake and exhaust manifolds torque sequence for the 1999-01 models

Fastener Numbers 1 through 5 - Tighten to 24 ft. lbs. (33 Nm).
Fastener Numbers 6 and 7 - Tighten to 23 ft. lbs. (31 Nm).
Fastener Numbers 8 through 11 - Tighten to 24 ft. lbs. (33 Nm)
Install the power steering pump and bracket to the intake manifold. Tighten the belt to specification.
Install the fuel system supply line to the fuel rail assembly. Before connecting the fuel supply line to the fuel rail inspect the O-rings and replace if necessary.
System for the correct procedure.
Connect all electrical connections on the intake manifold.
Connect the vacuum hoses previously removed.
Install throttle cable, vehicle speed control cable (if equipped)
Install the transmission line pressure cable (if equipped)
Install air cleaner assembly.
Connect air inlet hose to the throttle body assembly.
Raise the vehicle.
Using a new exhaust manifold seal, connect the exhaust pipe to the engine exhaust manifold. Tighten the bolts to 23 ft. lbs. (31 Nm).
Lower the vehicle.
Connect the battery negative cable.
Start the engine and check for leaks.
2002-04 Models



November, 15, 2008 AT 8:52 PM

Hello -

Please ensure with any future posts you are more specific on your vehicle model. I have attached what we view. Also, please ensure you provide the engine size by Liter and the 8th digit of our VIN.

Not sure where you have your maintenance performed but many places don't use refur4bished parts. I have attached a ruff quote. Please remember that this is only a estimate as your area may be more or less depending on many factors.

Also you can purchase this part at say, Auto Zone or O'Reilly's for about $250 and do the work yourself and save quite a bit.

Hope this helps.




November, 15, 2008 AT 9:04 PM

One other may have several recalls for your vehicle. These are normally paid for by the dealer. Please make sure you contact the dealer service department to see if any of these apply to your vehicle, especially the safety one.


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