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Air Conditioning problem
1989 Jaguar XJS V12 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 33,000 miles

I'm trying to find a used part for my 1989 XJS. The bloers are operable, but my mechanic says the "control head" needs to be replaced. Do you think he means the control valve? A Jaguar dealership 200 miles away thinks he means the amplifier control box? Based on it being the the blowers can work --what part do you think I need, about how much does it cost, and where might I?Find a used one? I host a radio program on six stations in Las vegas/St George/Lake Havasu City area and would like to be able to talk about this on the air. (My listeners know I have this Jag, which was owned by a celebrity.) Thx Roger
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Ask your local junk yard to source the control amplifier !

The automatic temperature control panel has a temperature selection knob to select temperatures between 65 F (18 C) and 85 F (29 C). The mode knob (vacuum operated) allows for selection of "OFF", "LOW", "AUTO", "HIGH" and defrost. "HIGH" and "LOW" selects a fixed blower fan speed. "AUTO" allows for a variable blower fan speed. A thumb wheel allows for increase or decrease of temperature of air being delivered through face level vents, without effecting interior temperature setting of automatic setting.
The automatic temperature control uses in-car sensors to compare vehicle interior temperature to temperature set on control panel. This comparison provides an electrical signal (negative or positive) to control amplifier. The control amplifier provides electrical signals to a servo control unit and blower speed relays mounted on heater box which changes heater box air doors and blower speed to maintain interior temperature

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