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November, 30, 2007 AT 9:03 AM

I have a 2001 Jag Vanden Plas (4.0 v-8 with 85k miles) and recently been having a couple of problems. About every other week the check engine light comes on and remains for 3-4 days, then resets. I notice during this time that there is a pinging in the engine on acceleration. Also, on a couple of occasions, at freeway speed, the car will lose almost all power, but the RPM's remain high. Taking my foot on and off the accelerator eventually " fixes" this problem with a " bang" as the power re-engages. As you would expect, this causes the check engine light to come on. I recently had the timing chain replaced, but no other significant work has been done on the vehicle. Also, a couple of months ago, I got a check engine light and it was determined that the engine was getting too much air in the mix. I discovered that the air intake from the hood was loose and tightened that. Upon doing so, my mileage increased about 1.5 mpg to a blended rate of about 19-19.5 mpg. Because of the increase in mileage, I think the first check engine light is not connected to the current problem. But I'm no mechanic.


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December, 1, 2007 AT 12:15 AM

Hi there,

There is a few bugs to be ironed out here, but first get the fault codes read as this is the first place to start looking for clues. The pinging could be a faulty knock sensor get the codes first before tinkering with anything.

Mark (mhpautos)



December, 5, 2007 AT 10:49 AM

[/quote] hello, it sounds like a couple problems first the pinging sounds like you have aknock sensor going or is bad, second the banging your having at highway speeds sounds like a possible trans problem get the codes read and then email me back so I can help with the problems hope this helps leet me know pat

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