1992 Jaguar XJ6



May, 24, 2008 AT 12:39 PM

Engine Performance problem
1992 Jaguar XJ6 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 125k miles

I have a 1992 Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign with 126k miles on it. Other night the car was accting funny on me and had a very bad miss fire. So I order 6 plugs wire set and new distributor cap. Checked the distributor rotor and it seems fine. Replace all the plugs and match up the wires and place them. After all that I went to turn the car over and it started for about 4 mins and killed. After that it wont turn over. I have contact but its a little weak.

My question is, do you think the distributor is bad itself or the timing is off?


1 Answer


James W.

October, 7, 2008 AT 12:03 PM

I have to assume you have the firing order correct if the car started at first. Check the spark at the end of a couple of plug wires. Spark, YES? If no, ckeck inside the dist. To see if rotor is OK. Yes, check spark at the coil wire-distributor end. If OK, check fuel flow at the fuel rail. Please advise. We can go from there.

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