2004 Jaguar X-Type



September, 8, 2010 AT 7:35 PM

Electrical problem
2004 Jaguar X-Type 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 94000 miles

Hi -

My 04 x-type is throwing about 14 codes. My non jag mechanic said it is most likely the computer or a wiring issue. I drove it longer than I should have with a bad bank 1 sensor 2 O2 sensor - and when it was replaced the wire covering had broken down and there had been contact between the wires. Once the O2 sensor was replaced the service engine light stayed on and kept saying that the new sensor was bad.

Jag told him at the time that that meant there was an issue with that chip. But not a problem.

NOW About 5K miles later -- I went in to make sure
the only code it was throwing was the O2 sensor and there are 14 codes - ranging from battery start up issues, the 2 4 6 intermittent missfires (opps had gone back to using premium and I the fuel rail absorbed to much water-)

One of the multiple codes 1646 the computer chip for the bank one sensor 2 O2 sensor.

so in my complete lack of wisdom I have determined that I probably screwed up the computer at this point.

Now how hard is it to replace the ECM unit - where is the bloody thing to start? Are there really several out there for the x-type and do I have to tow it to Jag to have it " flashed" before it will run?

I realize that I could have a wiring short - that might have screwed up the computer -- I was hoping the O2 sensor issue is the one that started this mess.

I neglected to mention that at this point the car is still running great--

Thank you for any ideas- comments anything that might help me decide if I can do this myself (i do have some skills) if I should consider a jag dealer for the repair or just dump it and get a new one,
thank you


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September, 10, 2010 AT 2:55 PM

Diagnosing the PCM over the internet is tough, but If you can post ALL the codes it would be helpful... Autozone will scan it for free, but this will only get the generic codes, A scan with a Jaguar tool would serve you better. B U and C codes will not be read, and I suspect a few B and U codes could tell us a lot. Yes Jag would need to program it or the car will not run.




September, 12, 2010 AT 11:57 AM

I am 400 miles from the nearest Jag dealer - so I think I better head that way while it is still running- then after they diagnose it I will try to decide from there -

Maybe I can keep it just to work on it - as a toy

thank you for your input



September, 14, 2010 AT 2:17 PM

Your welcome.



September, 21, 2010 AT 9:26 AM

Ok the codes that my jag has according to the dealer are

They are telling me to replace the upstream and downstream bank one O2sensors

Replace the thermostat and the crap I need to check - the and a set of gaskets -- crap I waas so tired it did not register - valve cover or intake manifold -- I think manifold -- have call in to jag again -- as they want lots of money

To me the gasket issue is just an excuse to get money

but those are the codes
thanks for your input



September, 21, 2010 AT 4:27 PM

DTC P1646: ECM HO2 SENSOR CONTROL MALFUNCTION - BANK 1 UPSTREAM (1/1) SYS EMS OBD II MONITORING CONDITIONS Drive vehicle for 10 minutes CK ENG 2 OTHER N DEFAULT ACTION ECM Default: HO2S 1/1 control circuit inhibited CM PIN - POSSIBLE CAUSES HO2 Sensor 1/1 heater failure HO2 Sensor 1/1 sensing circuit: short circuit to ground, short circuit to high voltage, open circuit ECM Failure



DTC P1582: "FLIGHT RECORDER" DATA IS STORED IF ANY ONE OF FIVE CONDITIONS OCCUR SYS EMS JAG MONITORING CONDITIONS 1. Inertia switch activated 2. Throttle Limp Home mode 3. Engine starts and stumbles 4. Engine fail to start 5. Engine stall CK ENG N OTHER N DEFAULT ACTION None CM PIN EN16-010 POSSIBLE CAUSES If none of the five conditions occur, check: Inertia switch to ECM circuit: short circuit to B+ voltage Inertia switch failure. The switch is on the lower right A pillar, Passenger kickpanel needs to be removed and this switch tested, can cause MANY start stall and stumble problems.
P1000 is just the fact that the O2 monitor system cant complete because of the O2 codes, try the sensors first and dig deeper if that doesnt wok. As far as manifold gaskets, not being there I cant diagnose it, But if you can tell me what gasket I will let you know if there is a way to check it.

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