2006 Infiniti M45 Front vibration and noise

  • 2006 INFINITI M45
  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 66,500 MILES
My infiniti has always had a little more audible road noise than I would like, but I recently hit a very bad pothole on the passenger side that required a rear control arm to be replaced. The entire right side was torn apart to make sure that there was no other damamge. I was told that everything was fine and a tire rotation/4 wheel allignment was performed.

However, I noticed a vibration at highways speeds when veering to the left. The vibration was mostly audible and I only feel it smoewhat in the floor of the car and very slightly in the steering wheel. It became more noticeable with increased speed or increase turning to the left. It was much less noticible when turning to the right. At lower speeds, it was less noticible. I took the car in to be checked out be the same repair facility that took care of it before and they told me that it was uneven wear in the front wheels due to improper tire rotations. There was also suspicion of the rear wheel bearings, which they replaced before doing a tire rotation and allignment and that there would be some vibration left and that the only fix is new tires.

However, the noise is now more noticible at all speeds, regardless of direction of turn. Add to this a squeakin noise (like squeaky rubber) whenever I depress the brakes (especially at low speeds) and a rythmic high-pitched thumping noise coming from the front right while decellerating with the brake.

This cannot be just due to tire wear, can it? The problem has progressed over the past 6 weeks since I hit the pothole and was not evident prior to the incident.

Also, several weeks prior to the incidnet, I had new brake rotors and pads placed on the front wheels.

Thanks for your help.
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Friday, April 30th, 2010 AT 10:07 AM

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Causes of brake squeal include:
* Vibration is the source of most brake noise. When noise is heard it is usually due to the vibration between the pad and the rotor, or failure in other brake hardware. Hardware should be replaced with every brake job.
* A noise may also be heard if brake wear indicators or sensors touch the disc brake rotor. When this occurs the sensor often emits a high pitch noise to alert that brakes need immediate attention. If this occurs have the brakes checked immediately by a certified brake system specialist.
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