2001 Infiniti G20 Antenna

  • 2001 INFINITI G20
  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 90,000 MILES
For the 2001 Infiniti G20, do you have a diagram of the electrical area and how the antenna shaft works with it? The shaft is broken and I would like to replace it.
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Activate the antenna switch to the up position.

Using the wrench or needle-nose pliers, loosen and remove the original retaining nut on the base of the antenna mast.

Gain access to the underside of the area where the antenna is located.

Remove the bracket or brace that is below the hole and holding the antenna in place.

Remove the mast.

Find the motor that controls the antenna mast. Generally, power antennas will have a constant 12-volt lead and a ground lead. The ground lead will be grounded to the panel next to the motor.

Remove the ground lead from the panel.

Pull out the antenna coaxial cable.

Unplug the coaxial from the extension coaxial cable.

Remove the original antenna coaxial cable. Note the route the cable follows.

Installing the New Power Antenna

Inspect the fender area where the antenna mast will be mounted for rust.

Clean the area before installing the new antenna.

Plug the new antenna coaxial cable to the extension coaxial cable. (On some General Motors and Ford cars you may need an adapter to mate the 2 cables together. Car audio retail stores sell such an adapter.)

Plug the new antenna's coaxial cable into the radio's chassis antenna jack if there is no extension coaxial cable. Tie or tape the string you put on the extension cable to the new antenna coaxial cable. This assures that the 2 cables stay together as you route them to the antenna mount in the fender.

Connect the power lead of the antenna to the power antenna lead on the radio.

Connect the 12-volt constant lead to the antenna to a 12-volt source or to the ignition switch.

Direct the new antenna cable via the same route followed by the original antenna cable on up to the hole in the fender in which the mast will be mounted.

Ground the ground lead from the motor to a clean metal surface on the metal panel near the mount.

Insert the mast into the hole. Face the serrated side of the plastic cable on the bottom of the mast toward the motor side. The plastic cable can be inserted freely to about 12 inches and will stop.

Turn on antenna switch to down position until the plastic cable goes down and catches into the gear mechanism of the drum housing. If the plastic cable does not gear into the mechanism, twist the cable slightly until the cable contacts into the gear mechanism while the motor is in operation.

Stop the motor after the cable goes into the housing 12 to 25 inches.

Secure the bracket or strap to the bottom of the antenna mast and to the metal fender.

Replace the retainer nut to the base of the antenna mast and secure tightly.

Replace the panel that covers the antenna mount area.
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