1999 Infiniti G20



March, 17, 2008 AT 3:59 PM

Brakes problem
1999 Infiniti G20 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 104000 miles

I replaced my rotors and pads last June at a cost of $425. The driver side has been putting out a ton more brake dust than the other. Took the car back to see what the problem was, because the pads were still under warranty. Was told that the caliper and hoses needed to be replaced because they were " binding?&Quot; Was told that I would have to get both sides done even though the passenger side was fine at a cost of $600, for new calipers, hoses, resurfacing the rotors, a brake system flush, and they would throw in the pads because they were under waranty, as well as only charge me for 1 hour of labor at $75. Is $600 reasonable for this? And was $425 reasonable for the first brake job done which was pads, rotors, 1 hour of labor?

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Service Writer

March, 17, 2008 AT 4:26 PM

I'm not sure how the conversation went exactly, but excessive dust is more so from the composition of the pad. Ceramic pads have less obvious dust because of the color. We don't replace too many brake hoses anymore but they can collapse internally, but I would have expected a pull to that side when braking.

A poorly done brake job can cause drag as parts that should have been cleaned and lubed may not have been. This can cause abnormal and accelerated wear. May or may not pull in this scenario.

The caliper could have been worn or sticking. But I would still have expected some pull to that side if this was the case.

I do not recommend both hoses unless there is proof of good reason for one side that is not causing a problem. But it somewhat depends on the situation.

IF one caliper is done, It is " Reccommended" not required to do the other side. IF one side is working very well and the other is not as good performing a pull can happen or faster wear on the pads. If this was my job, I would not have resurface the rotors, I would have replaced them at no charge. Now that they are thinner, I would be surprized if you don't have a pulsation show up in the next 3 months or so.
If you have your reciept I would like to know the labor hours charged for each item or the total labor hours charged. IF there is just a monetary number.

A break down of charges would be helpful.


Service Writer

March, 17, 2008 AT 7:55 PM

Call the dealer, both the pads and rotors are less expensive at the dealer form what I have. The parts I sell that are very dependable are much less. I would have offered a lifetime warranty on the pads as well, the total cost with tax (8%) is $344.00

Now having said that, the markup they put is typical of this industry for that particular brand of Raybestos. The disposal fee sounds shady. We get paid for our scrap. The cost of scrap metal is very high. A shop supply fee of $25 is wrong in my eyes. Brake clean, rags, lube etc. Maybe $10.

Every business has their own way of charging, I think based on the charges and the follow up treatment, I feel you were taken advantage of.


Service Writer

March, 17, 2008 AT 8:13 PM

Without seeing the rotors it is hard to answer. It is best to replace both when doing a brake job and I don't have a problem with that being done. Without seeing them I can't say. It keeps a flat surface on a flat surface. Where I have trouble is that you paid for new rotors less than a year ago and you now have compromised rotors. Our shop would have replaced them at our cost or at no charge more likley. I would be very curious at what thickness they are now at. The discard thickness is .787" You don't usually get one machining out of a rotor anymore. At the very least this shouldn't have been charged in my opinion.

The most common problem with premature brake wear is from faulty installation.


These areas are crucial to good operation. They must be cleaned and lubed with the correct grease. IF not these ares stick and brake pads may do various things. One pad sticking and not returning, one pad may stick at one end and pivoting the pad so the pad wear uneven etc. Binding is more typical of poor workmanship.

I'm not convinced you needed the hoses and perhaps not the calipers...but I would have to see them to know. IT sounds like this should have been a warranty issue to me. See if the still have the parts.


glen c

April, 12, 2008 AT 3:48 PM

I just did my own front brakes in less than an hour rears took longer because piston has to be screwed in.A pain. Anyway new front rotors were $18. Ea., Semi metalic pads were front $30. A set, rear pads were under $30. They work fine. Total less than $100. Retail. I believe the brake shops pay less than retail for parts, may have a little more labor.


Service Writer

April, 12, 2008 AT 6:43 PM

You spent 132 in parts, but you have no overhead. You pay no insurance, advertising or emplooyees. Among many other things.
OF course it is cheaper.


glen c

April, 13, 2008 AT 11:54 AM

I thought about that after I posted. I came here thinking there would be a lot of do it your selfers. Some of the questions I see is the price of parts. There is retail and there is retail plus on pricing. Like everthing else a few bad garages mkes all look bad. I just posted what I did not every one has the time, place or the tools.

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