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Computer problem
2008 Infiniti FX 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 5,000 miles

I changed my oil and cannot get the maintenance light to go out. Can you tell me how to reset the light?

Monday, December 15th, 2008 AT 12:05 PM

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Maintenance items that can be set are ENGINE OIL and TIRE ROTATION INTERVALS. In addition the TIRE PRESSURE will appear on the screen if equipped with tire pressure system. To display the setting of the maintenance interval, select the ENGINE OIL or TIRE ROTATION key using the information center joystick and push ENTER button.
To set the engine oil maintenance interval, select MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE key by moving the joystick to right or left.
To reset the maintenance interval, select the RESET key using the joystick and push the ENTER button.
To display the MAINTENANCE INFORMATION, automatically when setting trip distance is reached, select the DISPLAY MAINTENANCE NOTIFICATION key and push the ENTER button. Repeat procedure to set tire rotation interval.
Maintenance Notice
The MAINTENANCE NOTICE screen ( ENGINE OIL, TIRE ROTATION or OIL FILTER) will be automatically displayed as shown when both of the following conditions are met: The vehicle is driven the set distance and the ignition key is turned OFF.
The ignition key is turned ON the next time the vehicle will be driven.
To return to the previous display after the MAINTENANCE NOTICE screen is displayed, push the PREV button.
The MAINTENANCE NOTICE screen displays each time the key is turned ON until one of he following conditions are met: RESET is selected
The maintenance interval is set again.

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