March, 16, 2006 AT 4:32 AM

Hi there. I've got a '94 hyundai pony 1.3(?) Chintz thats done 64000m. There is what I think is a vacuum diaphram that is connected to the inlet manifold by a 1-2 inch length of rubber pipe and has two small diameter pipes that dissapear somewhere around the carb. The problem is that the main hose keeps melting and bursting, new ones burst in about 2 mins and a new diaphram unit makes no difference. The problem seems to be alot of quite high pressure and very hot air blowing from the inlet manifold into the diaphram and yet it does not look like it is supposed to be anywhere near anything hot. I would appreciate any help or advice with this. Thanks.

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March, 17, 2006 AT 8:50 PM

The only thing I can think of is it is the EGR valve. This valve reduces pollution by letting the engine suck in exhaust fumes. This process lowers combustion chamber temperature thereby reducing emissions. Sounds like the valve needs to be replaced.

Good luck and let us know. : )

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