2002 Hyundai



November, 21, 2006 AT 8:56 PM

Here are the simptoms:

-Rolling at idle speed or just above there is a rubbing noise that seems to be coming from the left rear tire. Once I noticed it I replaced all rotors and pads, front and rear. It needed it anyways. Noise stayed
-Noise seems to stop if I touch the brakes.
-Noise has gotten progressively loader
-I replaced all tires and had an alignment, noise stayed
-Rear CV joint seems to be intact and in good running order by appearance.(No cracked boots, not broken seals. Feels firm)
-Tested rear caliper by taking it off the rotor and pressing the brake, It seemed to compress normally.
-I am also hearing a lot of squilling from the rear brakes, they are still very new. I cant seem to get rid of it.

Was looking for suggestions.I was thinking maybe the caliper isn't applying enough pressure or maybe not holding pressure at all. I have no brake fluid leaks

Any suggestions?


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March, 1, 2008 AT 7:44 AM

Any fix for this I am having the same problem. Thanks Zach



March, 1, 2008 AT 11:17 AM

Yes.I did get this fixed. I took it into a dealership and explained the problem to them. Them fixed it and said that the brake pad I had used where lesser quality ones with high metal content in them. Apparently the hyundai ones are better. I assume you could always go with the Higher priced ones from the auto store but I priced them in my area and it would be actually cheaper to go with the Genuine Hyundai ones. Good luck.

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