2005 Hyundai Accent Burned five quarts of oil between oil c

  • 4 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 38,000 MILES
It burned 5 quarts of oil in about 5,000 miles. The Five year warranty expires on Tuesday. I took it to the Hyundai dealership and they told me to do an oil comsumption test, so I had to drive it 1,000 miles then bring it back. When I brought it back, they told me that burned 1/8 of a quart but they didn't know what was wrong. Then he said that Hyundai specs said that it was OK to burn up to 1 quart of oil per thousand miles. Now they want me to do another consumption test.I think their dragging their feet waiting until the warranty expires, then they can tell me it's not their problem. What should I do?
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Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 AT 11:57 PM

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The 1qt per 1,000 miles with the current engine specs is in line of what I have heard for gasoline engines. I don't think they are stringing you along.
They are following manf. Guidelines.

While working at a GM store 6 years ago they (GM)came out with the 1qt per 1k guideline, it was normal for the engines. They were also saying 5k between oil changes, which means you could possibly run out of oil on some vehicles if you did not check your oil and add between oil changes.

Since you took your vehicle in before the warranty was up and express a concern, there is a record. If something happens withing a "window"(which varies by manfature and their current situation) the local service manager has the power to perform repaires outside of the warranty period. The more documentation you have the better. If the local service manager says NO, you always have the opition of taking your vehicle to another dealer (who can get your history) or contacting the manufature directly. Also the records on your vehicle are yours, you can ask for not only the receipt you get, but copies of work orders and technician notes.

The last thing a vehicle manufaturer wants is an unhappy customer. Be polite, understanding and willing to work with them. They look at this as someone that is looking for something free, not a customer with a vaild concern. At first.

If you remain calm and work with them. If there is a valid concern, they will be more apt to help you if you are co-operative. Screaming & yelling at the people who are in the position to help you. Just doesn't help. I can tell you this from first hand experience.

Best advise, have all your facts ready and talk to them. Do you know what your oil consumption has been since you have owned the vehicle? How quickly the consumption has increased? These facts will not only help your cause, but will help the dealer diagnose any problems.

Hope this helps, let me know,

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Wednesday, December 16th, 2009 AT 12:41 AM

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