Honda Prelude



May, 1, 2007 AT 6:44 AM

My son was driving his 1993 Honda Prelude Si (195,000 miles) and it lost power as he was shifting from 2nd into 3rd. Due to the loss of power, he tried downshifting back into 2nd with no improvement and then into 4h with the same result no power. He tried to crank it but it would not start. Our mechanic told us the timing belt had broken. He toid me that it was about 50/50 that a valve was bent. He will do the least amount of work to get a new timimg belt on to see if it will crank. What has been your experience with valves being bent when a timing belt breaks? If I have my mechanic do put on a new timing belt and the car runs is there any other thing that needs to be checked?

Thanks for your input!

Richard T.


1 Answer


Bruce Hunt

May, 1, 2007 AT 7:56 AM

You could get lucky and have no damage. Thus putting on a new timing belt should make the car run as it had before the problem. Valve damage and you are replacing the head as the high end and replacing the damaged valve(s) as the low end.

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