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May, 23, 2007 AT 4:22 PM

The car: 1998 Honda Prelude - 2.2L - 4 Cyl VTEC - All Stock Equipment - 117,400 Miles

My timing belt broke at about 3,500 RPMs Sunday night. After having the timing belt, the timing components, the timing tensioner, and the serpentine belt(s?) Replaced, I picked up the car today and something is not right.

- The car now idles at about 1,500 when it starts up. It then comes down to around 1,100. It used to idle at about 900 at startup and come down to 700 or so.

- The car now sounds like it has one of those cheap " bee can" mufflers on it, with a constant growl, or maybe a belt flapping, but I'm not sure.

- There is a very high whining sound during acceleration. It sounds to me more like an air sucking sound than a belt whine, but I could be wrong.

I did a compression test to rule out valve damage. I had done a compression check a few weeks ago, trying to diagnose an oil burn problem, so I had recent compression numbers to compare against. I'm not sure what the results mean. Compression is down about 10% on all cylinders. I would expect bent valves to give me a more dramatic decrease.

Here are the results of the old and new tests:

Cyl Old New Change
#1 210 185 (-12%)
#2 215 190 (-12%)
#3 230 210 (-9%)
#4 225 210 (-7%)

So, do I have valve damage? Is my timing not adjusted correctly - and how would I test for that? Is there something else I have not considered?


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May, 24, 2007 AT 9:48 PM


I'd really like to know if anyone has any insight on this.



May, 24, 2007 AT 11:21 PM

Check the ignition timing, clean out the throttle plate/body, adjust the accelerator cable as per specification and readjust the min. Air.

Your compressions are okay for that age.

Hope this helps

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