2001 Honda Logo GRIDING NOISE, Wheel bearings?

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Hi, I own a 2001 honda logo auto, 114,000 K's on it and I dont know where the noise is coming from.
it makes a very bad griding/groaning noise when I take slow right turns on the front left wheel. When I go straight or turn left its fine, only when I turn right it makes the noise. Its worse at slow speeds but when im going faster the noise is a faster griding noise. So its also speed related. Few mechanics tell me its the wheel bearing but they say they not 100% sure. What do you think it might be? Thanks.

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Friday, September 22nd, 2006 AT 10:36 PM

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The noise is a CV axle. Check to see if a boot on the CV axle is ripped open. There are two CV axles and they make up the entire front axle system with the tranny in the middle. The axles can have up to 3 boots (rubber flexible covers) on them that cover flexible joints. However, if the boot wears out and opens up the grease that lubes the joint escapes and eventually the grit of the road and friction will take out the bearings. You may have to replace one or both. Check them both.

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Tuesday, September 26th, 2006 AT 6:48 AM

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