2000 Honda Odyssey



July, 6, 2007 AT 4:41 AM

It was a problem with EGR. Honda had extended warranty on that, and the technician replaced the kit for free. That solved the problems with the Check Engine light and TCS light

Details about car:
Honda, Odyssey 2000 year model
66,000 miles; automatic transmission; 2 wheel drive

Problem Summary
The car is misfiring on all 6 cylinders (P0301-P0306); the check engine light stays ON after the car has started; the TCS light comes on and stays on after 5 minutes of driving.

Description of problem:
Starting in November 2006, the Check Engine Light would come on and stay on, once the car is started up. In addition, the TCS light would come on and stay on after about 5 minutes of driving. (The TCS light would take a little less time to come on and stay ON, when I start the car after the car has been stopped for less than an hour.) I also noticed that the car took a second longer to start-up, but once it started, everything appeared fine. However, the hesitation in starting up is occasional. I have only experienced it about 5-7 times in the past 8 months.

The David Hobbs Honda dealership diagnosed the problem as P0301 and P0305, and called it random misfires. They ran two cans of Top Engine Cleaner through the car, then test drove the car for 10 miles, and determined that the vehicle was running OK.
About 2 weeks later, the problem re-occurred. (I.E. Both the Check Engine light and TCS light indicate the original symptoms.)

I took it back to the dealer, and they performed a battery of tests and indicated that they could not find anything wrong with it. After charging me about $150, they suggested I spend another $150 for additional tests.

Since there have been no other issues with the car's performance, I did not go back to the dealer.

Starting in June 2007, I noticed that every now and then, the TCS light now goes off after a while. However, this behavior is not consistent. (I.E. The TCS light still stays on after 5 minutes of driving, most of the time.)

Recently, I have started hearing a noise when backing up and turning the car (such as out of the driveway) that sounds like something hit the car from under the car. At first I thought that I ran into a pot hole or something. However, this noise now comes on regularly when backing and turning (but at no other time), and I hear it exactly once. The noise can best be described as the sound when something breaks off of something else.

Today, I took my car for the emissions test, and it failed. The report indicated that the car is misfiring on all cylinders (with codes P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305, P0306).

Other problems with van:
Starting in 2001, I had noticed that the Maintenance Light would come on and stay on. The technicians attempted to reset it, but it would come back on after about 5 minutes of driving. The technician indicated it might be a computer problem.

I apologize for the long post, but wanted to offer sufficient information to describe the problem and history. I appreciate your feedback.


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October, 22, 2007 AT 8:04 PM

Hello I got the same problem but I havn't replaced the EGR yet. I got a question for the pros. If the EGR was causing this problem, then if I plug the two ports with a peice of metal between the EGR and unplug the EGR connecter it shouldn't miss fire any more right? I was woundering if maybe they replaced some gasket some where that would let gases get in to the cylinders to cause a miss fire. This problem is all the same except it has 120,000 miles. The metal plate did not make any difference. Thanks for the post had no clue until I seen this.



October, 23, 2007 AT 5:19 PM

Hello again,
I had the same thing down to the tee but I found that the EGR was good from what I know so I started look at other things. I left the engine run at idle and disconnected the coils one by one to see if the rpms dropped and if I could notice it miss more figured this would tell me if the coils are good. I unplugged one then plugged it back in then went to next one. I dissconnected the number 4 and noticed no difference so I replaced the coil and problem went away. Also read a post from a pro on other and said that nobody should replace the EGR from the codes that we had. But the number 4 coil fixed it all no more miss or anything thanks for the help. Lovin this site

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