1990 Honda CRX



May, 31, 2008 AT 5:40 AM

Brakes problem
1990 Honda CRX 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 130000 miles

First off thanks for the help.
So the problem that I have is that my pedal sinks pretty low untill I get pressure.
The thing is that I did a rear drum to rotor conversion on the car. And I replaced the master cylinder with a stock 1990 crx master brake cylinder. But those cylinders are made for rear drums. Do I need to get a different master cylinder? Also I resurfaced my rear rotors and the pads are a little bit worn, could this be the problem? I blead the crap out of the brakes and made sure that the calipers were tight but I'm just not sure wut to do. The reason why I did the rear brake conversion was to get better brakeing power but it doesn't do me much good if I don't receive the power right away and if the pedal has to sink to get it. Thanks again and I hope you can help.


4 Wheel Drive


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May, 31, 2008 AT 5:45 AM

If the Master is for drum brakes and so are the comination valves, you probably wont ever get the pedal you want, clipers displace more fluid and retract differently than drum brakes with return springs. See if you can find stuff for a prelude of that vintage, this may solve your problems.



May, 31, 2008 AT 2:17 PM

So if I just replaced the master cylinder with one from a prelude, that might work? DO I need to replace the boos thing too? And wut year prelude would work the best? So you dont think that the 1993 acura integra master cylinder would work it should be a prelude? Thanks again a bunch I really appreciate it.



June, 5, 2008 AT 1:47 PM

Hi Lambocrx,

If I am not mistaken the original size of the master cylinder is 7/8. You need at least a 15/16 size master cylinder to get a higher pedal.

The booster would need to be replaced because the bigger cylinder requires more assist, failing which the efficiency would be greatly reduced and you need more strength to operate the pedal.

The 1996 Accord booster assy should be able to fit. Get one without ABS if yours don't have.

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