2003 Honda Civic Air bag light

  • 2003 HONDA CIVIC
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2003 Honda Civic 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

Air bag light came on and stay on- doesn't flash a code. I disconnect the battery for at least 10 minutes that did not work, I also check the wiring under the front driver seat its was ok. I tried my scanner but no code show up- any ideas please keep in mind money is tight right and really don't want to go to a dealer.
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Friday, November 20th, 2009 AT 10:10 PM

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Hi rshippr,

Most generic scanners would not be able to scan for codes.

A Honda Diagnostic System scanner is required.

Try the following to see if it works.

Retrieving DTC Using AIR Bag Warning Light

1. Turn ignition switch to OFF position.
2. Bridge terminal #4 and #9 of 16-pin data link connector.
3. Turn ignition switch to ON position. AIR BAG warning light will come on for about 6 seconds and go off. DTC will be indicated next. DTC consists of a main code and a sub-code. Including most recent malfunction, up to 3 different malfunctions can be indicated. If AIR BAG warning light does not come on, check for short to ground or open in SCS circuit before troubleshooting SRS system. In case of a continuous failure, DTC will be indicated repeatedly. In case of an intermittent failure, AIR BAG warning light will indicate DTC once, then will stay on. If both a continuous and an intermittent failure occur, both DTC's will be shown as continuous failure. If AIR BAG warning light comes on continuously and no DTC is detected, SRS system malfunction may be present.
4. Read DTC. If DTCs are retrieved, go to DTC chart to continue diagnostics. Turn ignition switch to OFF position and wait 10 seconds. Disconnect jumper from data link connector.

If you are able to get any trouble codes, let me know what they are.

Note : CEL and ABS light would stay on during this time.
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Saturday, November 21st, 2009 AT 7:32 AM

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