1992 Honda Civic oxygen sensor

  • 1992 HONDA CIVIC
Will a oxygen sensor make a car run for a couple of days then not start for a couple of days then run again
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Saturday, November 10th, 2007 AT 11:20 PM

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You decide is to whether it would do that see below how it works

When no signal is received from the O2 sensor, as is the case when a cold engine is first started (or the 02 sensor fails), the computer orders a fixed (unchanging) rich fuel mixture. This is referred to as "open loop" operation because no input is used from the O2 sensor to regulate the fuel mixture.

If the engine fails to go into closed loop when the O2 sensor reaches operating temperature, or drops out of closed loop because the O2 sensor signal is lost, the engine will run too rich causing an increase in fuel consumption and emissions. A bad coolant sensor can also prevent the system from going into closed loop because the computer also considers engine coolant temperature when deciding whether or not to go into closed loop.

The best thing to do when it acts up look for fuel and spark when it refuses to start, this the best time to catch the culprit while on the act.
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Sunday, November 11th, 2007 AT 1:59 AM

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