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I have a 2001 Honda Accord 5 speed with 30,000 miles. I love and baby this car which had no vibration and no other problems except it needed an oil change. I recently took the car to Goodyear to have an oil change and the tires rotated. They talked me into getting the car aligned since the inside front tires were worn. Now, when I slow, the car seems to vibrate like there is a problem with the front brakes when I slow from 25 thru 20 MPH. This happens whether I brake or just coast thru 25-20. I immediately took the car back to Goodyear and after their test drive, they said my front brake disks have become warped due to heat. (Remember, there was no vibration before they touched the car and I have never slamed on my brakes). We pulled the front tires and the disks appeared to be brand new with no ware, in fact the mechanic said I could probably go 100,000 miles before I would need new brakes. I am thinking they did something when they alligned the front or rear. Can you Please give me some advice! Thanks.

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Thursday, January 12th, 2006 AT 8:33 PM

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To reply to what you were asking, rotors can become warped at any time. Most causes are from overtightening the lug nuts and in an incorrect order.I.E. 4 lug you go in a cross pattern. I bought new rotors for my car and had them machined, everything was find until I did a tire rotation and the same thing happened to mine. They told me to torque them down to 100 ft. Lbs and I found out that it is only 85 for my 96 civic. So you might want to look that up. You can just get the rotors turned without replacing the pads, just wire wheel the pads to clean them or use brake cleaner.

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Monday, January 30th, 2006 AT 11:15 AM

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