1999 Honda Accord 4Dr Ex Sounds like a diesel engine

A while back my wifes car broke down at 80,000 miles 4cyl, my wife kept it serviced as required paying outrages prices at the Honda Service stations an turns out to be a broken timing belt.2 mths prior had it serviced. Reason belt broke was the key stock for the crankshaft pulley came loose. The dealer said he was able to remove the pulley bolt by hand. End result we replaced the 2 timing belts, pulleys, water pump, gaskets & seals. After repairs the car has had a similar sound to a diesel engine when it idles and gets louder as you drive it acceleration and power has grately reduced, oil leaks from top around valve covers, and basically sounds & runs like its at the end of the road. Mechanic said engine needed to settle then noise would go away that was 8 mths ago. I provided the parts my self & yet paid over $650.00 for the job. Why is it sounding like that & did I over pay for the work?
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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007 AT 2:58 AM

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This was a Honda repair? When a timing belt breaks that is when a head gets damaged. The extent of the damage depends on the position of the valves when the belt goes. This can result in severe head damage such as a broken valve, etc to no damage at all. But there are in between problems such as a bent valve, etc. Your vehicle has a head that is damaged from the problem.

One question that I keep coming back to in reading what you have said. Did Honda replace the timing belt for you and if so, how long before the problem?

Buy a used but good head, have it checked for warpage and cracks, put it on and the noise will be gone, the car should be ready to last for a number of years.
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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007 AT 8:29 AM

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