1995 Honda Accord Scheduled maintenance

  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 173,000 MILES
What is the scheduled maintenance for a 1995 Honda Accord with 173000 miles?

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Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 AT 6:00 PM

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That is something that depends on how you have conformed to the schedule so far. For instance, maybe the tranny is ready for a change of fluid. Keeping the oil changes at 3 to 4 thousand miles is needed. I would mainly worry about the timing belt and the other belts. Every 80 to 100 thousand miles for the timing belt. Look at the maintenance program you have had in the manual and basically repeat the process. Your driving habits and conditions should effect the decisions that you make. At the age of the vehicle I generally am taxed enough with the repairs to keep my pocket book light.

Here is some information I found on the internet:

Few maintenance tips
- Wash your car regularly, wax it once in a while to keep the car body shiny and protected from harsh environment.
- Frequent oil changes are very important to keep your engine in a good shape.
- Change transmission fluid in a recommended interval.
- Take care of minor problems as soon as you can, so they won't result in expensive repairs later.
- Always check your parking space for leaks, and if you find one, get it fixed as soon as you can.
- Try to avoid overheating the engine; it may cause serious problems.
- It make sense to replace the water pump when you change the timing belt.
- Follow recommended maintenance schedule and keep all the fluids clean and topped up.
- Have your car inspected, at least once a year, in a garage on the lift (e.G. When doing tire rotation) to keep it safe. Many components (e.G. Brakes, steering, suspension) cannot be properly inspected during a simple visual inspection at fast lube places - the vehicle must be on the lift.
- No matter where you service your Honda, try to stick with original Honda parts.
Check more Car maintenance tips
If you want to know more about your Honda, visit Honda's Ownerlink website (see links section below).
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