1997 GMC Truck



May, 17, 2010 AT 7:40 AM

Shakes or Wobbles problem
1997 GMC Truck Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Ok. I wasnt paying attetion and ran off the road into a ditch. I drove in the ditch for a min. Before I drove it out. Now when I drive it shakes when I go over 40 mph? What do you think is wrong with my truck?
I really dont want to tell my dad that I ran of the side of the road again. &Gt.≪


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May, 26, 2010 AT 3:34 PM

If it's your dads truck he'l probably know by now. First thing to do is pay attention, instead of the cell phone or texting that you were maybe doing. You are gonna kill someone that way let alone yourself. Do the easy stuff and check for mud/dirt, etc on the wheeel as that will cause a shake. Otherwise it's something bent like a tie rod or other front end part. Check for a bent wheel as well.

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