1994 GMC Suburban Locate and Replace Ignition Switch

  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 241,000 MILES
I have torn down the steering column as far as I dare. It has the adjustment knuckle. I am looking for the electrical module(?) That the rod ties into from the ignition key switch. Suburban will only "click" sometimes when trying to start it and will eventually start after continually turning the key on and off. Where down on the steering column is the module and how do I get to it?
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Monday, October 4th, 2010 AT 7:51 PM

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Your switch is in steering calumn and rod to the module runs the top side of your steering calumn. You actualy dont pull your steering calumn what you do is push front seat back. And follow these steps

1 remove the cover just below the stearing wheel to access stering shaft.
2. Shine a light at top side of stearing calumn and you will se a box on top of calumn with wires hanging out
3. Remove the top nut 8mm socket 1/4 drive will do the trick
4. Up higher is a tricky one ride your hand up the calumn and get the other bolt is easy to do with a box wrench again 8mm
5. Lift the electronix off the side of it you will find another bolt remove it should be 2 bolts one nut in totoal
6. On the other side of calumn is a wire harnes pull up on it to detatch from the calumn
this is to make space so when you pull the switch you have room to do it
7. Now you can remove the switch
8 pull from the ignition key side and be carefull there is a rod that you have to not damage lift up to detatch rod then manuver the ignition modual.
9. Now that you have it out. Go back wards till your car turns on make sure you dont pull the pin on switch (a plastic pin till the rod is secure and bolted back to the steering calmumn this is to ensure proper placement of the rod that go up in switch.
I hope this helps you out. Sorry for the spelling not good at that
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