Burning Oil.

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1994 Chevy Camaro. 3.1 liter, V6. 187000 Miles.
I tried to start my car today, and it seemed like the battery was low. I have been having problems with my battery, so I replaced it today. Well, I turned the ignition back to off, to try to restart. It did start, and was running fine. Occasionally, when it starts - it runs sort of rough for just a minute or two then its good for the rest of the day. Well, today, As I left I noticed there was a LOT of smoke behind me. So, I came home and checked my oil, becase my engine smelt hot. My oil was a quart low. It had been leaking a while back around the oil pan. They said to just watch my oil level and all. It has not been leaking a lot, because I have went like 2000 miles since my last change and it was only 1 quart low.

Anyhow, I checked all around the engine, there are no signs of it leaking oil around the head or anything. I cant figure it out. The smoke smells really strong of oil, and is White. I am not sure what I can do actually.
Any thoughts?
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Monday, January 16th, 2006 AT 1:14 PM

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Could be your valve seals going bad, what happens is that oil from your engine leaks through the valve seals if they are bad into the pistons and onto your spark plugs. Once you run it for a while all that oil gets blown out the exhaust. Get those checks asap. You can see if that's the problem by pulling a couple spark plugs out. If they are black with burnt oil. That's your problem. You need new valve seals. Try that first.
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Monday, January 16th, 2006 AT 5:03 PM

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