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May, 5, 2006 AT 4:09 PM

I have a 1995 GMC Jimmy. And I replaced the head gasket. And I didnt put the distributor back in the same way I took it out and now I have to find out how to reset the distributor. I was told that I have to put the number 1 cylinder to top dead center and then set the rotor between the number 1 and number 6 spark plug on the cap. Is that how its done? Because ive been trying to find out how to fix it for like 3 weeks now and its getting frustrating. : D Can you please help me? Im desperate! Thanks again. Chris[/b]


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May, 6, 2006 AT 1:45 PM

1. Remove no 1 plug. Rotae engine until compression hits. Put a long screwdriver in the hole and rock the engine until u feel the piston at TDC (timing mark on 0).

2. Note #1 spark plug location on the distributer cap

3. The distributer gears are angled so start the distributer back in the hole about 30 degrees left of the rotor.

4. When it drops it will not go all the way because the oil pump shaft needs to be seated. Rotate the engine until the distributer seats all the way.

5. Repeat #1 and check #2. If isn't quite on number one do it again as you might be a tooth off. When you have it right go to step 6

6. Replace spark pulg and distributer cap, diisconnect timing spout.

7. Start engine and set to specs. Turn off and reconnect spout. It should run fine

8, Good luck

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