1994 GMC C3500 repair

  • 1994 GMC C3500
Engine Mechanical problem
1994 GMC C3500 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Is there anything specific to watch out for when taking the heads off of a 3500 diesel 6.5
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Remove intake manifold. Remove injection line clips from brackets. Disconnect injection lines from injector nozzles.Disconnect injection lines from injection pump. Remove injection lines. Remove valve covers. Drain coolant. Raise and support vehicle. Disconnect exhaust pipe from manifold. Lower vehicle.Discharge A/C system using approved refrigerant recovery/recycling equipment and remove A/C compressor. Remove ground strap from rear of cylinder head, power steering pump and alternator as necessary. Disconnect necessary wiring. Remove glow plug relay and dipstick tube.Disconnect glow plug wires. Remove rocker arm bolts and rocker arm shafts. Mark component location for reassembly reference. Note hardened upper end of push rod, indicated by paint stripe. Mark push rods if no paint stripe is visible. Remove push rods.Disconnect necessary coolant hoses and ground straps. Remove coolant crossover pipe. Remove cylinder head bolts (rear bolt in left cylinder head may need to remain in head during removal). Remove cylinder head.

Installation Clean cylinder head and cylinder block gasket surfaces. Clean cylinder head bolt thread and bolt holes. Apply Sealant (1052080) to head bolt threads and underside of bolt heads. DO NOT apply sealant to head gasket surface. Install rear head bolt in left cylinder head. Install cylinder head.
CAUTION:Install push rods with hardened end (indicated by paint stripe) upward to prevent damaging engine. To prevent valve and piston contact during rocker arm shaft installation, rotate crankshaft until positioned as noted in step 3) before tightening rocker arm shaft bolts.

Install head bolts and tighten in sequence to specification. See Fig. 2. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Install push rods in original location with hardened end upward.


Rotate crankshaft until timing mark on crankshaft damper aligns with "0" mark on timing tab, then rotate crankshaft counterclockwise 3 1/2" (estimate this distance by aligning crankshaft damper mark with first lower water pump bolt). See Fig. 7.Install rocker arm shafts, ensuring push rods are seated in rocker arms. Alternately tighten shaft bolts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure.


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