1990 GMC C1500 when it rains -it runs rough, no power!

  • 1990 GMC C1500

Engine Performance problem
1990 GMC C1500 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 293000 miles

hi there could you help? My truck is a 1990 gmc 4x4 1500 with 2930000 kms on it. This started when I would go through a carwash, now it happens when it rains. So I replaced the sparkplugs, wires, cap and rotor- still does it? If and when I can drive it when it gets hot it runs o.K. And after a couple of days of driving it will be a little better but sometimes when I start it up the idle goes up and down then stalls? And again once its warm it will idle, put in gear runs rough- bad take off? CAN YOU HELP?

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Thursday, June 10th, 2010 AT 7:58 AM

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Best thing to do is on a warm day with it running good mist salt water on the electrical conectors. Spark plug wires and such. When you find problem vehicle will start to run differently and you will see the electricity arc through the mist.

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Thursday, June 10th, 2010 AT 9:43 PM

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