1999 Pontiac Grand Am



May, 23, 2013 AT 8:15 PM

My mother currently is without a vehicle due to the key refusing to turn in the ignition, what I want to do is replace the ignition entirely (Yes I'm aware of Passlock. Yes, I'm also aware of how to bypass it. No, that is not the question) with either two toggle switches or one three-stage toggle switch. I have been hunting around for about a week now for a wiring diagram on how to proceed with this plan. How would I go about doing this properly for the toggle switches to emulate the ignition? For example, toggle switch one puts the car into 'On/Run' while toggle switch two starts the car. The first switch must be left on to operate the second, and turning the first off also turns the car off in theory.


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July, 8, 2013 AT 3:05 PM

I've seen people do this and also seen it fry the ignition system. If you just take the key to a key smith they can replace the key with one that will actually work for 20 bucks.


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