1975 Ford Torino



September, 7, 2009 AT 8:18 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
1975 Ford Torino V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 125456 miles

i have a 1975 ford elite and it will not turn over I have a new alternator new wires and cyenoid when it was runing it made a loud pop and than nothing no lights and it does not make any noise when I turn the key also when I tried to jump it the red battery cable got hot


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December, 17, 2009 AT 7:16 PM

It sounds like your starter is drawing while you jump the battery. Charge the battery and then hook up the cables. Hook up the positive and then the negative cable. If it gets hot disconnect the negative immediately. If it doesn't get a hammer and smack the starter on the side. It might start the car. Butfrom what it sound lke our cellonoid is ether bad or your starter is bad. Also check your wires on the starter solonoid on the fenderwell for the positive hitting the fenderwell causing your cables to get hot. If that doesn't work, take it to a pro so he can look at it.

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