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1991 Ford Tempo 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 146xxx miles

Hello, I was cleaning the throttle body today ('91 Tempo, 2.3L HSC, 3 sp. Auto trans), and after putting it back together, I noticed that the throttle was sticking. It took a lot of force to open it, and then it flew open. I checked each part of the linkage and found it was the throttle lever on the top of the transmission. It feels like it's sticking in two different places, almost like the teeth in a rachet; it goes back down freely when everything is attached, but when you open the throttle it'll stick. When the kickdown rod is disconnected, the lever will stay in these positions until it is pushed back. I did not adjust anything, and the only thing I removed was the throttle body assembly and pulled the unit back a little so I could clean inside the intake manifold. The butterfly moves just fine, but the kickdown lever (or whatever the proper name is) that attaches to the transmission is sticking.

What could be causing this, and how would I fix it?

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NOTE: The Throttle Valve (TV) linkage adjustment is preset at the factory. Any time the engine, transaxle, or throttle linkage components are removed, it is recommended that the TV linkage adjustment be reset after component installation or replacement.

Remove splash shield from cable retainer bracket.
Loosen trunnion bolt on TV rod.
Install plastic clip using TV Linkage Adjustment tool T91P-7000-A or equivalent to bottom of TV rod. Ensure clip keeps rod from telescoping.
Ensure TV return spring is connected between TV rod and retaining bracket, to hold transaxle TV lever at its idle position.
ensure throttle lever is resting on throttle return control screw, then tighten trunnion bolt on TV rod.
Remove TV linkage adjustment tool (plastic clip) from rod.
Install splash shield. Check for proper operation. With External Cable
Remove throttle body linkage snow shield from cable retainer bracket.
Unsnap adjuster locking clip (white) at cable retainer bracket.
Hold transaxle lever in the idle position against idle stop.
Snap adjuster locking clip (white) into the lock position, then install splash shield.
Check linkage for proper operation. With Internal Cable NOTE: After external cable has been adjusted, adjust internal cable as follows:
Remove throttle body linkage snow shield.
Disengage TV adjustment tab. Hold throttle cam pulley on the throttle body and rotate from idle position to Wide Open Throttle (WOT) two times to remove any previously setting in the cable. Do not allow pulley to snap back from WOT position.
Using a long screwdriver, insert into the notch of the transaxle outer TV lever. Hold the TV lever at the transaxle hard set position towards dash panel and secure adjustment by pushing it toward the cable.
After TV cable has been adjusted, the TV pressure should be checked as follows:
Control Pressure Check Gauge Installtion

Remove plug at transaxle TV pressure port shown in the Control Pressure Check Gauge Installation image. TV pressure tap is not visible from above. The tap is located beneath the line pressure tap.
Install quick disconnect and a 0-100 psi (0-700 (kPa) gauge, then start vehicle and place gear selector in drive.
TV pressure should be within 0-5 psi (0-12 kPa) at idle. If zero (0) psi is read, verify gauge is functioning by moving throttle to increase engine rpm.
If TV pressure is not within 0-5 psi , repeat adjustment procedure.
If TV pressure is still not 0-5 psi , perform the following procedure:
Disconnect TV cable at transaxle TV lever. Push TV to hard set position. If TV pressure is within 0-5 psi , continue with following procedure. If TV pressure is not within the 0-5 psi range, refer to Diagnosis and Testing.
Inspect for proper TV cable routing.
Inspect for proper installation of cable in TV bracket, ensure cable is secure in bracket and cable tabs are locked into the bracket.
Inspect for proper installation of TV cable at the accelerator bracket.


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Thank you for the information. I was worried that nobody was checking for new posts.

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