1998 Ford Taurus trans locked in park

  • 1998 FORD TAURUS
Transmission problem
1998 Ford Taurus V6 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 56660 miles

shifter won"t come out of park. Eng starts, tailights work. How do I bypass the senor to put it in gear? I was told the owners manual (which I don"t have) tells you how to do it, Help Thanks
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Monday, December 3rd, 2007 AT 10:37 PM

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I jsut posted on e for this problem with someone else. Commonly the switch on the brake pedal gets a loose wire that needs to be repaired. Read below.

Here is what I wrote.

I can understand your issue. There are a few things that can cause your problem and all have to do with under the dash. First try checking to see if the sensor on the brake pedal is secure and all wires are properly in tact. If this sensor does not properly function then the solonoid on the steering column will not activate keeping the car in park. If the wires are not firmly attached this will be your problem.

Other problems could be worn bushings on the shifting shaft located on top of the steering column housing. This will create a sloppy shifting condition and should be easy to tell by just moving the lever back and fourth to see if there is any play in it. The feel should be solid with minimal slop. This is an extreme disambly and requires talent and patiences to disassemble and replace the sttering housing.

The actual solonoid could be going out but doubtful. My bet is on the electrcal switch at the brake pedal. It is located a could of inched abouve the pedal itself and is the easiset to access and repair.

Please leave feedback if this helps solve the problem.
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Monday, December 3rd, 2007 AT 10:44 PM

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