1997 Ford Taurus code P1744

  • 1997 FORD TAURUS
Transmission problem
1997 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 198k miles

1997 Ford Taurus GL 3.0 U engine / v6
The car has had a slight "miss" (not quite a jerk) running between 40-65 mph.
Sometimes, the car feels like it wants to cut out.
I can get around when driving less than 50 mph, but the car still feels like it's having trouble 'breathing' and there's a feeling of resistance - sorta like - it's running with the parking brake down (it's not, but there's a resistance that feels that way)

The Service Engine Soon (SES) code that came up is p1744. Torque converter clutch code of some sort.

Do I need to focus on replacing one or all of these things?

-- Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) solenoid
-- variable speed sensor
-- EGR backpressure sensor
-- Transmission Range Switch (TRS)

Optional Information:
Year : 1997
Make : Ford
Model: Taurus
Engine: v6 / 3.0 / Single Overhead / U engine

Already Tried:
This all started after we tore down the engine and did the following part replacements (with NEW parts):

Tore down Engine and.
-- Replaced 4 valves and a Head Gaskit. (Torked down block according to Haynes book specs)
-- Replaced 3 Fuel injectors (checked and cleaned other 3)
-- replaed Fuel pressure regulator
-- replaced EGR Valve and EGR vacuum solenoid
-- replaced Battery
-- replaced Idle Air Control valve
-- replaced Ignition Coil pack, spark plugs and wires
-- replaced Alternator
-- replaced Mass Air Flow sensor

Last Month.

--- Replaced Catalytic converter and all four oxygen sensors
--- Radiator Fluid Flush <== I worry about having done this though)

Hope this information helps you figure out my problem :/
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Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 AT 11:37 AM

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There is e TSB out on this problem, I will send a PDF to you for troubleshooting.
Reference Number(s): 03-12-3, Date of Issue: June 23, 2003 Superceded Bulletin(s): 98-6-5, Date of Issue: March 30, 1998 Related Ref Number(s): 03-12-3, 97-26-12, 98-6-5 FORD: 1996-2003 TAURUS, WINDSTAR LINCOLN: 1996-2002 CONTINENTAL MERCURY: 1996-2003 SABLE
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Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 AT 3:45 PM

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