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March, 20, 2006 AT 7:52 PM

2000 Ford Ranger v6 3.0 ltr 100k miles aprox
My wife let the engine run while it was knocking I beleive the oil pump went out. It had no oil presure when I saw it and was knocking very bad. Is there any posability that the engine is not ruined.
And will it do any good to try and replace the oil pump and see if it can be saved. Or maybe could there be another issue with it?
DO I need to get it rebuilt or do I have a hope?

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March, 21, 2006 AT 3:53 AM

You need to check the push rods first to see if thier are any bent but if not, you need to replace the oil pump but if it keeps it up you will have to rebuild, or buy a new motor.

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