1994 Ford Ranger ignition lock installation

  • 1994 FORD RANGER
1994 Ford Ranger 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic

I replaced my ignition lock system and I can't get the key to turn over. Please help
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Thursday, August 20th, 2009 AT 2:43 PM

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LOCK CYLINDER Removal & Installation (With Key) 1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove steering wheel. See STEERING WHEEL. Remove trim shrouds. Set ignition switch to RUN position. On vehicles with A/T, set selector lever to Park position. 2. Push retaining pin inward and pull out lock cylinder. Unplug wiring from lock cylinder. To install, lubricate lock cylinder. Turn lock cylinder to ON position. Push retaining pin inward and insert lock cylinder into housing. To install remaining components, reverse removal procedure.
Then check the ignition switch, not the lock, but the plastic part the harness plugs into, what does it do when you turn the key to onn? Accy? And start?
Here's the proceedur for the ignition swith, more commonly the problem than the lock!
IGNITION SWITCH Removal Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove steering column shroud and lower column. Unplug switch connector. Remove retaining nuts or screws. Lift switch vertically to disengage actuator. Remove switch. Installation 1. With lock cylinder and switch in LOCK position, position ignition switch onto column and actuator rod. New ignition switches come positioned in LOCK position with shipping pin in side of switch. Position switch on column, and install, but do not tighten, retaining nuts. 2. Move switch up and down along column to locate midposition of rod lash. Tighten retaining nuts to 40-65 INCH lbs. (4.5-7.3 N.M). Remove shipping pin from side of ignition switch. Connect battery cable. Check for proper starter operation in Park and Neutral. Check all switch positions for proper operation.
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Thursday, August 20th, 2009 AT 3:53 PM

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